Arctic Thyme (20g)

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Great spice or tea for cold, flue, asthma and strengthen lungs

Arctic thyme is an excellent spice giving good taste and aromatic smell. It makes a lovely well smelling tea. 
Arctic thyme is especially active like many plants growing in the Northern environment and is considered to have many good healing effects. 
It is antibacterial and has been used as medicine in Iceland. it is considered good against cold, cough, flu and upset stomach. It has been used to strengthen lungs and healing asthma. 
In the past Icelanders used strong tea of Arctic thyme to recover from hangovers. 
Ingredients: Arctic thyme, handpicked during the best blossom time in the pure Icelandic nature without harming the environment. No extra substances. Pure and natural. 
Total weight: 20 grams

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