Low sodium Viking Black Salt (75gr)

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Icelanders used Black Salt until the 15th century when white salt was first imported to Iceland. Getting Black salt from burning seaweeds goes back to ancient times in Scandinavia and Iceland. Burned seaweeds give a black residue which contains sodium Chloride (NaCl), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and potash (K2CO3) The ash was often mixed with sea water and heated until the salt got more concentrated.

The Black salt has a barbecue and smoky taste. Well suited for seasoning and enhancing the flavor of casseroles, soups, fish, meat and bread.

 Higher proportion of potassium in relation to sodium found in Black Salt gives it certain health benefits. Contains also iodine, many salts and micro elements.

 The manufacture of this salt is akin to the ancient viking methods.

 About the Product:

  • This salt is made similar to ancient viking methods.
  • Black Salt, Barbicue and Smoky taste,
  • Low sodium salt blend containing: Natrium chloride less than 67%
  • Made in Iceland
  • Total weight: 75 grams