Birch Soap Bar (80g)

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Icelandic Soap factory Sápusmiðjan
Handmade Icelandic Soaps with natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals. The soaps are hand-stirred, poured, hand-cut and cured.

Glacier Soap with Icelandic birch leaves
The Birch soap has the fragrance of Icelandic birch leaves and contains birch oil, shea butter and several high quality pure pils. The Birch Soap bar is a soap for sensitive skin made with Betula (Birch) oil. Mild scrub effect.

Weight 80 g
7x5x2,5 cm
100% Handmade soap in Iceland.

Coconut oil (sodium cocoate), Olive oil (sodium olaeate), Macadamia-nut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Hemp-seed oil, Birch oil, Shea-butter, Dried Birch leafs, Essential Oils: Sweet Birch oil.

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