Icelandic Candy

Djupur Strong (150gr) - Topiceland

Djupur Strong (150g)

Regular price $5.99

Bingo Balls (150gr) - Topiceland

Bingo Balls (150g)

Regular price $3.99

Sambó Þristur (250gr) - Topiceland

Sambó Þristur (250g)

Regular price $6.99

Möndlur spheres (150gr) - Topiceland

Möndlur spheres (150g)

Regular price $4.99

Svarti galdur (150gr) - Topiceland

Svarti galdur (150g)

Regular price $3.99

Local Food

Hot dog party pack!

Hot dog party pack!

Regular price $54.93

Icelandic lamb fillet (400-500g)

Icelandic lamb fillet (400-500g)

Regular price $34.99

SS Hot Dogs - Topiceland

SS Hot Dogs

Regular price $19.99

Fish Oil & Omega-3

Testimonials and what our customers say

  • Volcano Soap

    "Love this soap! My order arrived in good time and exactly as specified. I recommend this product and site!"

    -Clare Philips

  • Bingo Balls

    "Thank you so much for providing the most affordable option for foreigners to access these products."

    - Jonathan Thaler

  • Topas Green Sugar Free

    "Once you try hem, you'll know! I always get them when I go to Iceland and was so happy to see I could get them here!"

    - Shepherd Stevenson

Buy Icelandic lamb fillet (400-500g)