We offer Icelandic chocolate!

Here you find all the best selection of Icelandic candies and chocolate. We offer the best prices you find online, good and fast service. 

Topiceland sells candy from all the main manufacturers in Iceland, including Nói Síríus, Góa and Freyja. If you can't find the Icelandic chocolate product you are looking for or have some other ideas then don't be a afraid to contact us here.

Bingo Balls (150gr) - Topiceland

Bingo Balls (150gr)

Regular price $3.99

Sambó Þristur (250gr) - Topiceland

Sambó Þristur (250gr)

Regular price $6.99

Freyja Djupur (150gr) - Topiceland

Freyja Djupur (150gr)

From Regular price $5.99

Lindu Buff bites (200gr) - Topiceland

Lindu Buff bites (200gr)

Regular price $5.99

Freyju Draumur (70gr)

Freyju Draumur (70gr)

Regular price $3.99

Djupur Strong (150gr) - Topiceland

Djupur Strong (150gr)

Regular price $5.99

Sirius Konsum Dark 45% (200gr) - Topiceland

Sirius Konsum Dark 45% (200gr)

Regular price $7.99

Æði bitar (200gr) - Topiceland

Æði bitar (200gr)

Regular price $4.99

Freyju Ris kubbar (170gr) - Topiceland

Freyju Ris kubbar (170gr)

Regular price $6.99

Noa Kropp (240gr)

Noa Kropp (240gr)

Regular price $6.99

Eitt Sett (30gr) - Topiceland

Eitt Sett (30gr)

From Regular price $1.99

Noa Tritlar (150gr) - Topiceland

Noa Tritlar (150gr)

Regular price $5.99