Licorice products

We offer Icelandic licorice!

Here you find all the best selection of Icelandic licorices. We offer the best prices you find online, good and fast service. 

Topiceland sells candy from all the main manufacturers in Iceland, including Nói Síríus, Góa and Freyja.

If you can't find the Icelandic licorice candy product you are looking for please contact us here


Extra Chewing Gum Licorice - Topiceland

Extra Chewing Gum Licorice

Regular price $3.99

Freyja Djupur (150gr) - Topiceland

Freyja Djupur (150g)

From Regular price $5.99

Freyja Lakkris - Topiceland

Freyja Lakkris (350g)

Regular price $7.99

Freyju Hitt - (45g)

Freyju Hitt - (45g)

Regular price $2.49

Gammeldags Lakrids (350gr) - Topiceland

Gammeldags Lakrids (350g)

Sale price $5.99 Regular price $7.99

Licorice mixed candy - 100g - Topiceland

Licorice mixed candy - 150g

Regular price $3.99

Licorice rolls (80gr) - Topiceland

Licorice rolls (80g)

Regular price $3.99

Noa Tritlar (150gr) - Topiceland

Noa Tritlar (150g)

Regular price $5.99

Sambó Lakkrískonfekt (300g)

Sambó Lakkrískonfekt (300g)

Regular price $6.99

Sambó Þristur (250gr) - Topiceland

Sambó Þristur (250g)

Regular price $6.99