Icelandic Herbal Tea (20bags)

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Icelandic herbal tea with antioxidant effects - Comes in 20 tea bags

The Icelandic Herbal Tea Night Pasture is made of blend of three herb species growing in the pure environment of Iceland: Iceland Moss, Birch and Angelica.

These herbs are 100% natural with no extra substances. They are known for their health and healing effects.Iceland Moss is nutritive, soothing and stimulating for the respiratory and digestive systems. It is antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral.

Birch leaves are used to make tea which is diuretic and it is believed to be good against gout and rheumatism.

Angelica helps against colic, gas, indigestion, hepatitis and heartburn. It helps the respiratory system, including colds, as well as liver problems and digestive difficulties. It promotes circulation and energy in the body.

The herbs in our tea are picked during their best blossom time in unpolluted and clean areas of Iceland.

Total weight: 40 grams

Comes in 20 tea bags