Djöflar - Devils (100g)

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Stuffed Licorice with Powerful Salmiak 

Caution: Strong!

Icelandic Candy Made by Freyja.

Content: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm kernel*, palm*, shea, coconut), ammonium chloride, corn starch, licorice extract, binder (sorbitol), salt, colorant (vegetable carbon), gelatin, preservative (sodium benzoate), acid (lactic acid), flavoring. *Sustainable (RSPO). May contain traces of nuts.

Allergen information: The product contains gluten. The product may contain traces of nuts. Contains licorice - people with high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.

Nutritional values per 100g:

 Energy  1463kJ/ 349kcal
Fat 4.3g
- of which saturates 3.1g
Carbohydrates 75.9g
- of which sugars 55.3g
Protein 2.0g
Salt 1.2g


Total weight per bag: 100 grams