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Dried Fish fillets - Harðfiskur - Cod (200g)

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Cod Dried Hard Fish Fillets (200g) 81% Protein - Made in Iceland. This succulent fish is filleted on the same day it is caught and is then kept chilled. Icelandic Snacks are crafted from cod fillets sans skin and bones.

Dried Icelandic cod is an abundant source of vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. With a mild scent, this dried fish is higher in protein than its counterparts, containing 81%.

Harðfiskur is an Icelandic tradition and can be eaten solo or topped with butter. This natural product is high in protein and is lightweight and shelf-stable. Dried fish is a recognized health food.Total weight: 200 grams per bag

Our dried fish fillets have high value of nutritional energy:

Value per 100g:

 Energy  333 kcal (1394 kj)
Fat (omega) 0,06g
Protein  81g
Salt 0,8g

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Dried Fish fillets - Harðfiskur - Cod (200g)

$27.99 USD

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