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Dried Fish fillets - Haddock (200g)

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Gourmand Haddock fillets from Iceland, desiccated to capture the sublimely subtle flavor of the Melanogrammus aeglefinus of the North Atlantic. Home-dwelling in waters shallow from 10 to 200 meters, this popular seafood is a beloved marine staple in Iceland, where it is the go-to edible fish. Dried fish "harðfiskur" is a classic part of Icelandic culture.

Indulge in dried fish alone or with a dollop of butter, as is customary in Iceland. Nutritious, all-natural, and a powerful source of protein, dried fish is lauded for its health benefits, as well as its lightweight and enduring shelf life.

Total weight: 200 grams per bag

Our dried fish fillets have high value of nutritional energy:

Value per 100g:

 Energy  342 kcal (1452 kj)
Fat (omega) 0,8g
Protein 84g
Salt 2,2g

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Dried Fish fillets - Haddock (200g)

$27.99 USD

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