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Valeria Filter Roast Whole Beans (250g)

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Valeria Specialty Coffee, from Colombia to Grundarfjörður. 

Valeria's filter coffee is roasted light trying to produce a clearer picture of the coffee's unique taste as there are less roasted flavors, revealing a sweeter cup of coffee with more subtle flavors.

Our current coffee variety for filter is Castillo, with a soft washed process. Castillo is known for its smoothness, aroma and delicate citrus fruits with sweet blue and blackberry tones with a floral finish.

Cup score : 83

FarmerJulieta Rios

District : Cauca

Cultivation height : 1783m

Cultivar : Caturra – Castillo

Processing : Washed

Roasting : Filter

Weight: 250 grams.

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Valeria Filter Roast Whole Beans (250g)

$28.99 USD

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